Existing Citations

  • data sanitization (p. 2): Data Sanitization is the process of disguising sensitive information in test and development databases by overwriting it with realistic looking but false data of a similar type. (†1596)
  • security (p. 2): Fundamentally there are two types of security. The first type is concerned with the integrity of the data. In this case the modification of the records is strictly controlled. For example, you may not wish an account to be credited or debited without specific controls and auditing. This type of security is not a major concern in test and development databases. The data can be modified at will without any business impact. ¶ The second type of security is the protection of the information content from inappropriate visibility. Names, addresses, phone numbers and credit card details are good examples of this type of data. Unlike the protection from updates, this type of security requires that access to the information content is controlled in every environment. (†1597)