Existing Citations

  • confidentiality (s.v. "3.7 confidentiality"): Property that information is not made available or disclosed to unauthorized individuals, entities or processes. [SOURCE: ISO 7498-2:1989, definition 3.3.16] (†1610)
  • data anonymization (s.v. "anonymized data"): Data from which the patient cannot be identified by the recipient of the information. [SOURCE: General Medical Council Confidentiality Guidance] (†1609)
  • privacy (s.v. "3.36 privacy"): Freedom from intrusion into the private life or affairs of an individual when that intrusion results from undue or illegal gathering and use of data about that individual. [SOURCE: ISO/IEC 2382-8:1998, definition 08-01-23] (†1612)
  • pseudonym (s.v. "3.40 pseudonym"): Personal identifier that is different from the normally used personal identifier. (†1614)
  • pseudonymized data (s.v. "3.39 pseudonymization"): Particular type of anonymization that both removes the association with a data subject and adds an association between a particular set of characteristics relating to the data subject and one or more pseudonyms. (†1613)
  • reidentification (s.v. "3.18 de-identification"): General term for any process of removing the association between a set of identifying data and the data subject. (†1611)