• Zakerzadeh and Osborn 2013 (†711)

    Zakerzadeh, Hessam, and Sylvia Osborn. "Delay-Sensitive Approaches for Anonymizing Numerical Streaming Data." International Journal of Information Security 12:5 (October 2013), p.423-437.

Existing Citations

  • anonymized data (p.424): Anonymization can be achieved through two techniques: Generalization and Suppression. In Generalization, the values of quasi-identifiers are replaced with more general values. For example, suppose country is one of the quasi-identifiers in a dataset. Generalization says that a value should be replaced by a more general value, so that the country would be replaced by the continent where the country is located. Suppression, on the other hand, means removing data from the dataset so that it is not released at all. Generalization and Suppression are complementary techniques. (†1628)