• Martin 2008 (†715)

    Martin, Richard. "The Web's New Traffic COP" Information Week 1215 (December 15, 2008), p.32-33, 36-37.

Existing Citations

  • de-obfuscation (p.36-37): Founded in 1994, Websense has gone from providing companies with lists of off-limits URLs and filters that block them to helping companies protect their essential information and manage information risk, says Coza. Released in September, the 7.0 version of Websense's flagship product is at root a Web security gateway that goes beyond DPI to dynamic real-time inspection and approval (or blocking) of every Web page and every morsel of data traversing a corporate network. The result: "a complete decompile and reassembly of the content," Coza says. Less-specialized DPI systems "don't do 10% of the content inspection we do," he contends. The tool runs scripts in a browser in order to detect malware that might be "hashed" or encoded within them. The scripts gets executed against Websense's heuristics and signatures to determine if they carry hidden threats. Then they're recompiled and, if they pass muster, delivered to the employee. Websense calls the process "de-obfuscation." (†1636)