• Stancic, et al. 2015 (†737)

    Stancic, Hrvoje, Arian Rajh, and Hrvoje Brzica. "Archival Cloud Services: Portability, Continuity, and Sustainability Aspects of Long-term Preservation of Electronically Signed Records." The Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science 39:2 (June 2015), p. 210-227.

Existing Citations

  • archival cloud (p. 222): An archival cloud service supporting the long-term preservation of electronically signed records should preserve the integrity, authenticity, and confidentiality of stored records. It should make records available and usable – that is, maintain their readability. Data protection and system security should be enforced. At the same time, an archival cloud service should be expected to provide functionalities such as document creation, e-signing, archiving of non-signed and signed documents and records, records publication (with visualization of electronic signature), indexing, search and retrieval of archived records, provision of proof of evidence, preservation procedures not influencing the evidential capacity of preserved records, deletion of records, and administration. (†1701)