Existing Citations

  • cloud computing (p. 7): Cloud computing broke into the consciousness of business and technology leaders with the expectation that it would change many aspects of how technology would be acquired, managed and used. There were claims that cloud computing, as a disruptive technology, would change how enterprises would leverage information and information systems, how technology groups would acquire and support technology, and how IT departments and business units would come together to address market needs and advance strategies. Predictions rang out that chief information officers (CIOs) would evolve to become integrators of technologies, coming from within the technology organization but increasingly leveraging platforms, infrastructures and services provided through a supply chain of cloud providers. (†1713)
  • confidence (p. 6): [Survey respondents] are highly confident that cloud service performance, system outages and problem resolution – typical technology issues – are currently being addressed. They are less optimistic that issues such as provider longevity, an understanding of data ownership and custodian responsibilities, legal issues, contract lock-in, and exit strategies are be (†1712)