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Existing Citations

  • data ownership (p. 13): Recordkeeping standards approach data ownership with the view that records may be physically stored with one organization even though the responsibility and management control may reside with either the creating organization or another appropriate authority. As a result, records stored in electronic systems require arrangements that distinguish between the ownership of the records and the storage of the records (ISO 15489-1, s.8.3.4). (†1906)
  • data ownership (p. 13): Some have argued that information generated by the customer and stored in the cloud does not belong to the service provider but, rather, that the customer retains ownership and the provider is merely authorized to do specific operations with the data to provide the service (Reed 2010, 17). (†1907)
  • data ownership (p. 13): The ownership of metadata generated by the service provider regarding the customer’s information and operations in the cloud can raise more questions. For the customer, metadata can be important to demonstrate that the security of the data has been preserved; however, it appears that metadata can be owned by the service provider who generated it for internal purposes such as managing the cloud and ensuring the use and quality of the service (Reed 2010, 9). (†1908)