Existing Citations

  • Archiving as a Service (AaaS) : UK archiving specialist Arkivum offers long-term data preservation via a mix of on-premises gateways, cloud-based or in-house tape libraries and offline backups. Elsewhere, an archiving price war is brewing between cloud infrastructure giants. (†1964)
  • Archiving as a Service (AaaS) : Archiving involves a lot more than dumping vast amounts of data into the cloud, or onto an on-premises tape library. For a start, it only makes sense to archive data that's likely to have some future value, or is required to be retained for compliance purposes. Beyond data curation, there are also issues surrounding discovery, file-format preservation and media longevity to consider, among others. ¶ Arkivum specialises in long-term data preservation -- currently serving mostly higher education and life sciences customers -- using an on-premises (physical or virtual) gateway appliance to copy encrypted data to tape libraries in its data centres. ¶ Storing and managing multiple copies of customers' data in geographically separate locations allows Arkivum to guarantee 100 percent data integrity irrespective of the data volume or retention period -- which can scale from terabytes to petabytes and range between 10 and 25 years respectively. (†1965)