Existing Citations

  • digital exhaust (Introduction): [Host Guy Raz interviewing Susan Etlinger] Without even knowing it, we’ve crept into this era where data all of a sudden is ambient, it’s everywhere we go. . . . So as we walk around every single day, our location are tracked, the apps we use are tracked, if you are on a website, anything you do on that website is likely being tracked. If we walk by surveillance cameras, if we get in a car that has a GPS, you have any kind of medical device, if you run a red light there’s a camera, so there’s data is everywhere. Some people call this digital exhaust, the idea that you’re sort of walking around and these sort of particles of data are surrounding you all the time. . . . I don’t think it’s possible for any individual person to truly understand everything they’re creating at any given time. (†1993)