Existing Citations

  • digital exhaust : Digal exhaust, digital trail, digital breadcrumbs: no matter what terminology or buzzword of the day is used, your digital persona is crafted by the passive and active trail your browser leaves behind. ¶ The active trail includes your daily actions that you are aware of: websites visited, online forms completed, or the latest item you purchased online. The passive trail consists of cookies and tracking methods largely deployed by the ad ecosystem that most users are largely unaware of. When your passive and active trails are combined, your “digital footprint” is revealed, containing much more information about your online persona than you could ever imagine. (†1999)
  • digital exhaust : The only solution for removing digital footprints and containing digital exhaust is a strict policy of managed attribution and nonpersistent computing. In order to obtain managed attribution, a multinodal, secure infrastructure must be put into place that enables a user to perform their daily job without suffering the objectionable latency. (†2000)