• Lemieux and Sporny 2017 (†847)

    Lemieux, Victoria L., and Manu Sporny. "Preserving the Archival Bond in Distributed Ledgers: A Data Model and Syntax," Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on World Wide Web Companion (International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee, 2017), p. 1437-1443


Existing Citations

  • archival bond : The archival bond expresses the network of relationships that each record has with the records resulting from the same activity. (†2351)
  • archival bond : An example is offered by two documents that simply read: “press the red button.” In one case, the document is linked to other documents through an archival bond that establishes them all as part of an elevator or lift repair process. In another case, they are linked by an archival bond that establishes them as part of a nuclear launch process. The content of the documents is the same, and even their bit structure may be the same, but the identities of the documents as records (i.e., evidence of facts about acts or transactions) are completely different by virtue of the different procedures of which they form a part (as represented by the archival bond). (†2352)
  • consensus mechanism : A consensus event is an assertion that there is agreement on a subset of entries in a ledger. Some ledgers do not require consensus events as each event establishes an acceptable level of consensus. Other ledgers require consensus events after a pre-determined amount of time (e.g. every 1,000 events). (†2354)
  • genesis block : A configuration event specifies which software algorithms should be applied when processing a particular web ledger. The first entry in a ledger is typically an entry called a genesis event (aka seed event) and typically contains the configuration event. . . . ¶ The configuration event provides the rules that will be used to determine the integrity of the blockchain. (†2353)