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  • cloud portability (p. 2): Cloud portability is about being able to migrate from one cloud environment to another with minimum integration effort and minimal reengineering. But taking your applications from one cloud service provider to another isn’t as easy as it sounds: Building and deploying applications to clouds that have proprietary deployment or technology stacks can create cross-platform issues. ¶ In the cloud era, it’s a challenge to minimize your dependence on specific clouds, but what you really want to do is preserve your options when developing and deploying your applications. The ideal scenario in moving from one cloud service provider to another is a seamless service experience. By increasing service and application portability in a neutral and standardized cloud vendor ecosystem, portable deployment to any cloud becomes possible. ¶ The key to mitigating this risk of vendor lock-in is ensuring that your application is built on open standards and is portable to any cloud operating platform. This is the Holy Grail of application portability in the cloud: the smooth migration of existing application. (†2598)