Existing Citations

  • personal cloud : A more private type of cloud is a network-attached storage (NAS) device-based cloud - the Seagate® Personal Cloud Home Media Storage device is a great example. A NAS device acts as a central secure location where you can backup or store and access your files. You can connect with a variety of devices such as media players, gaming consoles and smart TVs. Unlike desktops and laptops, a NAS device offers a simple OS that focuses on doing a small subset of tasks as efficiently and securely as possible. The streamlined OS makes a NAS easy to set up, and the device’s flexibility allows for a wide variety of activities - you can even share a printer through a NAS. (†2663)
  • public cloud : a public cloud is something like Dropbox or Google Drive or Box or any other model where a service provider makes online resources like software and data storage available through the Internet. Cloud services are provided using a virtualised ecosystem, and constructed using pooled, shared physical resources. In many cases, an individual or organisation has little control over the ecosystem in which the online cloud is hosted as the infrastructure is shared and built by many individuals across many organisations. Data and applications on online clouds are separated so that only authorised users may access certain subsets as appropriate. (†2662)