Existing Citations

  • administrative metadata (p. 6): Administrative metadata is an umbrella term referring to the information needed to manage a resource or that relates to its creation. Within the administrative metadata sphere is technical metadata, information about digital files necessary to decode and render them, such as file type; preservation metadata supporting the long-term management and future migration or emulation of digital files, for example, a checksum or hash; and rights metadata, such as a Creative Commons license, which details the intellectual property rights attached to the content (†2682)
  • descriptive metadata (p. 6): Information about the content of a resource that aids in finding or understanding it is referred to as descriptive metadata. (†2681)
  • structural metadata (p. 6): Descriptive and administrative metadata are considered distinct from structural metadata, which describes the relationships of parts of resources to one another; examples include pages in a sequence, a table of contents with pointers to the beginnings of milestone sections, and connecting different resolutions or bit depth representations of identical content (†2683)