Existing Citations

  • citizen engagement (p. 6): Government-Citizen Engagement (GCE) initiatives are part of a rapidly developing global experiment to enable citizens to participate in government. Initiatives may range from simply making information available in a transparent manner, to highly dynamic processes that interactively involve communities and individuals in decision-making. The promise is that these initiatives will create stronger links between citizens and governments, bolster trust in government, and ensure that decisions and services adequately reflect citizen needs, from local issues to national matters. (†2714)
  • open government (p. 11): Open government is a concept intended to increase trust in government through access to information and greater involvement in government processes. It brings together the principles of transparency and accountability, which are supported through access to information, with citizen engagement, which is intended to strengthen communication between governments and citizens and open decision-making processes to active citizen participation. Practices enabling open information, open data and citizen engagement are the most common manifestations of open government. (†2715)