• Tennis and Rogers 2012 (†906)

    Tennis, Joseph T., and Corinne Rogers. "Authenticity Metadata and the IPAM: Progress toward the InterPARES Application Profile," in Proceedings of the International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications 2012 (Kuching/Sarawak, Malaysia, 2012), p. 38-45.


Existing Citations

  • InterPARES Authenticity Metadata (p. 42): In accordance with best practice, we established functional requirements for our metadata application profile (InterPARES authenticity metadata, or IPAM). Six functional requirements encompassed the scope of IPAM: (1) presumption of authenticity, (2) interoperability between systems and across time, (3) parsimony, (4) adequacy for archival description, (5) retrieval, and (6) meaningful display. ¶ We can make clear what we want from our metadata by translating this set of functional requirements into a sentence. It reads, these metadata should be necessary and sufficient to support the presumption of authenticity of records, interoperate between systems and across time, be adequate for archival description, and be useful for both retrieval and meaningful display of records. (†2728)