producer [English]

Syndetic Relationships

InterPARES Definition

n. ~ PaaST (Producer) · A party that created or originally owned or controlled one or more preservation targets.

Other Definitions

  • OAIS 2012 (†374 p. 1-14): The role played by those persons or client systems that provide the information to be preserved. This can include other OAISes or internal OAIS persons or systems.


  • PaaST (0.8) 2016 (†751 ): Producer: a Party that created or is or was otherwise responsible for the existence of Preservation Targets. (†1876)
  • PaaST (1.0) 2017 (†860 p. 11): A person or entity that created or otherwise produced one or more PreservationTargets. The Producer’s role as Producer ends once the PreservationTarget has been produced. The Producer may not even make the decision that an IntellectualEntity should be a PreservationTarget. That decision is made by the Intitial Source. The person or organization who was the Producer, nevertheless, could act in one or more other capacities. (†2425)