A message from our Russian colleagues about the MAT

Dear colleagues, are you using the ICA’s Multilingual Archival Terminology (MAT) database, which can easily be found here http://www.ciscra.org/mat/ ? If not, your professional toolkit is probably lacking a useful tool – especially if translating publications on records management and archives is part of your job. MAT at present covers 24 languages. Level of coverage differs, but you can expect at least 300+ terms linked to corresponding terms in other languages. With this post I’d like to share with you the news about the recent expansion of the Russian section. MAT now contains the terminology from the major, most authoritative Russian sources – that’s laws, standards (including just published Russian adaptation of ISO 30300) and even a book. I am reasonably sure that now it is the most complete and accessible Russian-language RM/archival terminological resource in the world! :) The section also has expanded “beyond the borders” of the Russian Federation. It now includes the terms from major terminological standards of other countries that are using Russian for official recordkeeping (Belarus and Kazakhstan). Hope you’ll find the resource useful.

With my best wishes to you, Natasha Khramtsovsky

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