collaboration [English]

Syndetic Relationships

InterPARES Definition

n. ~ 1. A group of entities working together towards a common goal. – 2. The process of collaborating.

General Notes

Collaborations may be informal, including casual, verbal agreements.

Other Definitions

  • OED 3rd (CD) 2004 (†499 ): 1. United labour, co-operation; esp. in literary, artistic, or scientific work.
  • Reitz 2004 (†763 s.v. "collaborator"): A person who works closely with one or more associates in producing a work to which all who participate make the same kind of contribution (shared responsibility) or different contributions (mixed responsibility), for example, essays written by different authors for publication in a collection or illustrations for a children's book in which the text is written by a person other than the illustrator.