process [English]

Syndetic Relationships

InterPARES Definition

n. ~ IP2 · The series of motions, or activities in general, carried out to set oneself to work and go on towards each formal step of a procedure.

General Notes

A procedure is a sequence of steps that are regulated. A process is a sequence of steps that are not regulated.


  • Franks 2013 (†560 p. 32): Processes are implemented to ensure compliance at an acceptable level of risk for the organization (†943)
  • International Records Management Trust 2009 (†572 s.v. process (2)): In a business or government environment, the means whereby an organisation carries out any part its business. (†1058)
  • ISACA Glossary (†743 s.v. process): Generally, a collection of activities influenced by the enterprise’s policies and procedures that takes inputs from a number of sources, (including other processes), manipulates the inputs and produces outputs. Processes have clear business reasons for existing, accountable owners, clear roles and responsibilities around the execution of the process, and the means to measure performance. (†1795)
  • Kurian 2013 (†576 s.v. process): Specific, structured, and managed set of activities with known inputs, designed to produce a desired output; or a configuration of operational capabilities and restrictions that are designed to produce a desired result. (†1087)